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Last Updated 14 - Jan - 2009

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Why Austec Racing?
We have over 23 years relevant experience, We have invested in a  4 wheel rolling road facility and we backup all original factory chip data to ensure that all our customers get the best service.



 Meet the ECU Specialists


Paul Austec


Founder of Austec Racing


About Paul


Paul has been in the Motorsport industry for 18 years that has included involvement in Motor Sport right the way up to international levels.  

Paul has created his extremely well known reputation for everything to do with the motor world. His passion for Motorsport and the Sports Car industry was his motivation to start Austec Racing in 2001. With his extensive experience gained working for some of the top teams and the TVR Tuscan challenge championship, Austec Racing has gone from strength to strength.

Over the last 18 years Paul has been involved in the development of many racing cars and component for racing cars. Some noteworthy achievements include

  • Induction kit for the cerebra 4.5 with the help of A.C.T developments to increase horse power and torque which is now exclusively supplied through Austec Racing to other TVR dealers and customers.

  • Austec Racing were the first company in the UK to develop the ability to map and modify the MBE engine control system which is fitted to all late TVRs . Paul is the only person in the UK that can live map TVRs range of MBE ECUs.

  • Development and marketing of Austec’s our own range of top quality suspension kits for the TVR and LOTUS marques.

  • Development and manufacture of many up-rated components for the TVR speedsix and Speed 8 AJP engines, including lighter forged pistons and modified camshaft profiles.

  • Development of the most powerful AJP speed 8 engine in the world! (Tested and Verified independently… See more  Rolling Road Graphs)

  • Austec were the first company outside the TVR factory to develop and offer a 4.2 speedsix engine from the initial 3.6 or 4.0 standard specification engine.

  • Development of up-rated brake systems for all TVR and LOTUS models.


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David Martin


Technical Engineering Director


About David Martin


Personally responsible for and first to develop & produce:-
6.3 litre V8 engine upgrade for Aston Martin Ltd, now officially offered by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd as an official Factory fitted upgrade.
7 litre V8 upgrade for Aston Martin engines.
7.3 litre V8 upgrade for Aston Martin 2x and 4x valve engines.
Officially recognised modern replacement camshafts for Aston Martin DB4, DB5 & DB6 engines.
4.7 litre 6 cylinder up grade for DB4, DB5 and DB6 Aston Martin engines.
1st 6cyl 4.5 litre Aston Martin engine in DB4-6 range to exceed 430 BHP.
3.8 litre 438 BHP DB7 engine
Rocker shaft conversions for V6 "Essex" engine.
Chambered Ford X flow cylinder heads.
4 Barrel Holley Carburettor kits for V6 engines.
Steel timing gear sets for V6 "Essex” and “Cologne” series “Ford” engines.
Roller rockers for V6 "Essex" engine.
Chambered cylinder heads for Chrysler Avenger engine.
2 litre all steel engine conversion for Chrysler Avenger engine.
3.2 litre all steel engine conversion for "Cologne" 2.8 litre V6 engine.
6 port cylinder heads for "Cologne" 2.8 litre V6 engine.
6 port X over inlet manifold for "Cologne" 2.8 litre V6 engine.
Steel counter weighted ultra light flywheel for V6 "Essex" engine.


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David Vizard


Technical Consultant


About David Vizard


Vast experience in cylinder head and intake manifold design. Did first cylinder head airflow test in May 1958.
Did first race in June of 1958
Built first serious race engine in 1960 (‘A’ Series engine)
Built first championship winning engine in 1969
Had first article and first book published in 1969
Became consultant technical editor to Cars and Car Conversions magazine 1970
Built first engine that won every race it competed in to win championship in 1971
Obtained first of over 40 patents in 1973. These range from carburetion improvements to cylinder heads and fuels.
Built just 8 engines in 1974 and won 5 championships with them. This was part of a combined 169 track records, pole positions, first places and championship wins. A staggering record for a single engine builder that has rarely been achieved by any other engine builders.
1975 - Designed heads and carburetion for Chrysler which proved the key factor toward winning two British Touring Car Championships.
Headed team of 5 engineers in 1975 and built what is believed to be the first production based 4 seat car (Mini 1275 GT) that did over 50 to the gallon at 50 mph.
Wrote best selling Chevrolet book (almost a million sales to date) in 1976
In 1990 published 20th book and 3000th article.
1994 to 2006 - taught and lectured on high performance engines at the University of Colorado at Denver and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
2009 will see the publication of David’s 30th book and 4000th article making him not only one of the most widely read but also widely published technical writers in the world.
Although now in his later 60’s David continues to race. His stable contains a 230 mph NASCAR Super Speedway Dodge Intrepid, and two 5.0 Ford Mustangs – one a drag race car the other a road racer.
Look out for David’s column  on Performance Matters, at


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Martin Kimmons


Workshop Foreman & Senior Technician


About Martin


Martin is a fully qualified and experienced performance technician, having spent many years working on the likes of TVR, Noble, Marcos, AC, Morgan and the like. Skilled in engineering works aswell as a comprehensive knowledge of electrical systems and diagnostics, Martin is a valuable asset to the team





Don't trust your ECU mapping to anyone until you have spoken with professionals on our team...


Meet Paul Austin

25 years of relevant experience in Engine Tuning to exacting specs.




David Martin

Countless achievements


Martin Kimmons

Countless achievements




David Vizard

Author of several thousand articles relating to performance engines


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