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Why Austec Racing?
We have over 23 years relevant experience, We have invested in a  4 wheel rolling road facility and we backup all original factory chip data to ensure that all our customers get the best service.



ECU Diagnostics & Chip Tuning FAQs


Answers to the most frequently asked questions:


What is the Re-Mapping procedure itself?


ECU RE-Mapping is carried out by examining the car and uploading a customised map best suited to your car. It changes the timing characteristics of the engine and is usually perfectly matched to your engine, fuel choice, driving style and car condition rather than the standard manufacturer's best guess setup. The ECU is configured by the is chosen by the manufactured to cope with extremely bad servicing and poor quality fuel.


What should I expect after ECU Remapping?


ECU remapping will give you a smoother, more responsive engine, sharper acceleration and increased fuel efficiency. It can help give you better fuel economy and cure lower peak torque. It can also give increased acceleration or higher top end power.


Is an ECU remap a safe modification to make?


Absolutely. ECU remapping is a positive improvement to the engine's performance


Can anything go wrong with ECU remapping?


We carry out a full safety check on all vehicles to ensure that your engine is in good condition and can stand the modifications, before any modifications are made. As a safeguard, we save the original ECU settings so that this could be restored to your ECU. See also FAQ about guarantee.


I don't drive a sports or high performance car - will my car benefit from ECU-Remapping?


You don't have to have a sports car to benefit from the advantages that ECU remapping brings. We remap many "ordinary" cars t achieve better overall performance. Read our customer feedback section.


Do I need to have anything else changed in my car to support the new changes?


ECU remapping affects just the ECU chip. Nothing else in the car has to be modified.


How much faster will my car go after remapping?


It is difficult to say exactly as it depends on a number of factors but it could give you an increase of 10% to 30% BHP.


How much more BHP must I expect after remapping?


You should expect an increase of 10% to 30% BHP.


Will I see a difference in torque after remapping?


Yes. All the modifications are designed to increase torque.


Will I get an improved top speed after remapping?


Yes. And, we can remove the manufacturer's top speed limiters.


Will I get more MPG after remapping?


Yes. But this is dependant on the age of the engine and the way the vehicle is driven.


How long will you need the car for?


We will require your car anything from 1 to 4 hours for remapping. For ECU Diagnostics, we usually require the car for a few hours to diagnose the problem. At that point you will be fully informed about any further issues and you can decide how to proceed.


Do I need to tell my insurance company?


You should inform your insurance company about any modifications that you make to your car.


Can anyone detect that modifications have been made to the ECU?


It is extremely difficult for anyone to tell that modifications have been made to the ECU.


Will ECU modifications affect my warranty?


ECU remapping is a safe and positive modification to the engine.


Which cars can you do?


A full list of vehicles is listed on the home page.


Who is your typical customer?


We have a huge customer base ranging from private individuals looking for improvement in fuel efficiency, companies operating a fleet, Private hire Taxi companies to Sports and Motor Racing professionals.


Is my car in safe hands?


We have been providing ECU remapping for over 20 years. We have a huge investment in a 4 wheel Rolling Road with the latest software and performance testing equipment. We are not a mobile ECU remapping service - we guarantee customer satisfaction, or your money back.


How much does it cost?


The cost depends on the make and model of the vehicle, starting from 279.00


Do you guarantee your work?


We offer a full money back refund if you are not satisfied with the modification, and we will reload the original manufacturer's ECU map back to your car.






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