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Last Updated 02 May 2009

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23 Years relevant experience..
We invest in the latest diagnostics equipment so that we can pinpoint ECU Faults with precision. Our on-site 4 wheel rolling road allows us to simulate driving conditions in the workshop so we can ensure everything is working perfectly.

Don't trust your ECU Diagnostics to anyone until you have spoken with professionals on our team...




Main Dealers turn to Austec for ECU Diagnostics and expert help!


Welcome to Austec Racing - ECU Diagnostics, Tuning and remapping for almost all ECUs.

With almost everything electronic in today's cars being controlled by an ECU or computer, the number of faults is also increasing. ECU diagnostics and fault finding is a very specialised field of the automotive industry and Austec Engineering, with over 25 years of experience are at the forefront of this field.

Now being called upon by several main dealers for ECU diagnostics /fault finding and emission control, Austec offer ECU services for every car managed by an ECU.

And with its policy of continual investment in technology, Austec have a huge investment in Diagnostics, Fault finding and test equipment and offer services that are beyond main dealer capability.

At Austec, we consider the years of hands on experience on ECUs as important as the diagnostics equipment itself. Our technicians have over 23 years of relevant, hands on experience dealing with all type of manufacturers Engine management systems.

With our experience in Engine management programming and Chip Tuning we have inner knowledge of how most modern day ECUs function. That means We have the ability to read live data from ECUs instead of just guessing as most of our competitors do.

Over the years, we have repaired many ECU faults and running problems which other "specialists", main dealers and garages could not even identify. Austec is recognised as the foremost specialist in ECU related issues.

With over 23 years of relevant experience on literally thousands of cars, you can be sure that your car/ECU receives the best technical attention.

Call us today to speak about specific problems and how we can help.


Facilities at Austec Racing - ECU specialists


Rolling Road


4 Wheel Rolling Road in Sussex


Utilising our Maha LPS 3000 4WD Dynamometer, we have created, tried and tested the ECU tuning service that we install in your vehicle. Therefore, you can be sure that any tuning package purchased from Austec Racing is backed up by proven experience. The above output prints from our ‘dyno’ show both torque and horsepower figures before and after an ‘off the shelf’ ECU chip tune. You can see the difference! Read More

What Engine Optimizing will do for your car.

  Custom ECU Remapping

In addition to our ‘off the shelf’ tuning packages, we can offer a further custom option. If your car has had performance modifications, or if you simply wish to take your vehicle’s performance further then we can completely retune your car’s ECU with a custom setup. This involves a live connection between your car’s ECU and our specialist tuning equipment. We then completely remap your car and extract as much performance as is possible. Why not talk to us today about the improvements you will enjoy with a complete custom remap tailored to your car. Read More

TVR Servicing


Engine Performance & Upgrades


If you want to have your performance car upgraded, look no further. We can not only specify upgrades, but we can also install, test, modify and fine-tune every component of the upgrade to maximise the performance, safety and appearance. Read More. Porsche Servicing and repairs



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